Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lemonade Stand

There I stand with lemon in hand
Grinding away at this thing
I mean I am juicing this fucking thing for all it's worth
I tend to be pretty good at that most of the time
Not that it is something to brag about really
Then I take a little sweetener, ice and water and make the best of it
It's a little bitter but just enough to kind of smack you in the face at the end
Then from nowhere someone just beans me
No really, right upside the head
With another lemon
Now I have been making this stuff for a while
Working hard at it
And by this point I am tired
So you can imagine my anger and frustration
But none-the-less, I pick it up
And start squeezing the shit out of it
Like all of the times before
And so the process goes for my life here at the lemonade stand

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