Thursday, July 29, 2010

LOL ;)

Looking, hearing the fingers of the world

Communicating in place of mouths, words

I am just as guilty myself

Constantly preoccupied with this world held in my hand

While all the while not communicating anything but boredom

Look at me, in my eyes

Speak to me of wisdom and truth

Rather than settings on your Bluetooth

And talk to me about freedom and simplicity

With relationship and intimacy

No semi-colon and parenthetical expressions of joy

Give me something genuine that

May not make you laugh out loud

(I hate that expression by the way

For those of you that don’t know that about me)

I’m funny but not that damn funny

But thanks for stroking my ego

With your textual expression of laughter

I need to express and feel something real

Besides these worn out keys that keep calling

Out, screaming out, for attention

When all I want is a hug, a toothy grin

Let’s bring things back to humanity again

Rather than communicating through satellites of disillusion

A human interaction revolution


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